Create Win – Win – Win Situations For Your Business

Strategic Partnerships, Cross-Promotions, and Advertising Opportunities.  All are great buzzwords in today’s buzzword-filled business world and all are important to the health and longevity of every business.  In many business situations, each often involves three players; the partnering businesses and their mutual customer.  Thus, the old saying “The best situation is a win-win” falls short when it comes to these three-way relationships.  It should say “The best situation is win-win-win”.  ForFriends Inn, a Bed & Breakfast in the wine country of Santa Ynez, California provides a great example of Win-Win-Win.

Wineries have traditionally provided coupons and cards for complimentary wine tastings to local innkeepers.  Benefits to the winery and the customer are obvious: Free tastings can drive increased tasting room traffic and sales.  But what about the inns?  Unless an effort is made by the innkeeper to mark each card with the inn’s brand, wineries had little chance of appreciating which partner business actually sent guests their way.  And while appreciated by the guests themselves, tasting coupons have become the norm. That is, they have become commodities.  The partners at ForFriends Inn found a way to ‘decommoditize’ these ubiquitous items.  They call it the Friendship Pass.

Jim Campbell, Owner & Innkeeper at ForFriends Inn, reached an agreement with each winery to accept one card created by ForFriends Inn on which all of the participating wineries are listed.  And on the front of the card?  You guessed it – the ForFriends Inn logo for each tasting room associate, tasting room manager and winery owner to see resulting in “thousands of brand impressions” each year.  Now, when visitors to the area ask for recommended places to stay, ForFriends Inn has vastly improved it’s chances of a referral by achieving “top-of-mind” status.  This repetitious brand visibility has also increased their value as a partner in the eyes of the winery owners.  The concept has worked so well that they now also include restaurants and local shops on the Friendship Pass.

ForFriends Inn and their Friendship Pass; a great example of how to create your own win-win-win situation.

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