Define the Brand That Fits Your Business and Live It Everyday

Your brand.  It’s the heart and the soul of your business.  It informs your philosophy and your products.  It’s the emotional connection between your company and your clients. Your brand should be the first element developed in your entire business plan.  Against it, all other decisions from Marketing and Sales strategy to site location and build-out are weighed to ensure consistency with the brand message.  Indeed, the Brand Positioning statement is one of the fundamental underpinnings of every business.  Thus, you must “define your brand, develop it, and commit to it“.

Brands should be informative, memorable, and fun.  Cure For A Niche and their logo with the prescription R didn’t even need a tagline to convey the purpose of a company that designed and installed custom cabinetry for troublesome niches and alcoves of all shapes and sizes.  The logo and a picture said it all.  ForFriends Inn, a bed and breakfast in Santa Barbara wine country, with their welcoming tagline ‘Arrive as Guests.  Leave as Friends.’ emphasizes a personal connection between guest, inn, innkeeper and area.  Manly Man Handyman Service of Redondo Beach, CA and their flannel-clad, brawny mascot says ‘No Job Too Small’ and ‘What can the manly man do for you’?  Their brand log and tagline convey an old fashion work ethic that appeals to their customer base. Consistent with their branding, the Manly-Man team arrives at the site in flannel and on occasion, handle-bar mustaches.

Why is this important?  The right branding creates business now and in the future via top of mind awareness that is lasting – call it ‘stickiness’.  Stickiness is a critical business driver.  Finally, it also creates value when it comes time to exit the business.  A portion of every purchase price of a business is known as ‘goodwill’, ‘brand equity’, or ‘brand momentum’.  It allows your prospective buyer to begin generating revenue immediately upon close of escrow.  It’s what differentiates your business from others less informed about the importance of branding.

Define and embrace your brand.  Live it everyday.

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