Always Ask for the Sale

Attention sales reps. Try this experiment the next time you’re the customer. Even if you intend to purchase, wait until you’re asked to do so. Keep waiting until the ask occurs. If you have to, keep waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting. Pay attention to how frustrated you become as you wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. How frustrated were you? Did you lose interest in making the purchase? Did you breakdown and ask the rep to take your money or did you simply walk out without concluding the purchase?

Customers want to be invited to purchase. Customers want to hear the rep suggest a purchase to them. In either case, the rep – not the customer – is responsible for bringing the sales process to it’s natural conclusion. Unless the rep asks the ‘closing question’, the process feels incomplete and often concludes with a ‘no-sale’. Think of it as ‘snatching defeat from the hands of victory’.

This was incredibly apparent while visiting several tasting rooms during a recent day in wine country. Visits to five tasting rooms saw five recitations of tasting notes but not a single closing question. Not one! In tasting room after tasting room, we waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. In a couple of tasting rooms, we finally asked for permission to make a purchase. I guarantee you that the although a purchase was made, it was much smaller than it would have been had the sales reps done their jobs correctly that day. In others, we simply left without the purchases we had so wanted to take with us. It was shameful and certainly dulled the shine on an otherwise enjoyable day in wine country.

This is why students in The Carleton Group Tasting Room Sales Training Workshop learn to ‘Always ask for the sale 100% of the time’. Whether they use the Invitation closing technique or the Suggestive closing technique, they realize that they owe it to the customer – and to themselves – to always ask for the sale.

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