Every company benefits from increased sales, smarter spends, and the introduction of new and innovative products. The Carleton Group is uniquely qualified to help companies accomplish their goals in each of these areas.”
David Pollock, President
The Carleton Group, LLC


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“Sales is 80% Attitude & 20% Aptitude.  Selling is actually the creation of Value-Propositions for which customers will gladly pay money.”
Brian Tracy
Sales Guru

We TEACH Sales Managers, Inside & Outside Sales Reps, and non-traditional selling roles such as Customer Service Reps and Field Service Techs how to create and sell Value Propositions in their specific setting.

Our courses are exceptionally PRACTICAL and can be CUSTOMIZED to apply directly to most industries, types of businesses, and selling situations.

We make learning FUN and MEMORABLE by using REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES from two decades of selling in a myriad of industries and selling situations.

After taking our course, sales representatives enjoy increased closing rates and increased Average Value per Transaction (AVT) that comes from improved SKILLS and, importantly,  CONFIDENCE.


  • Companies that want to take advantage of opportunities to increase sales
  • Companies that want to protect topline in declining markets
  • Companies that are growing their business by adding Sales Reps
  • Sales Teams needing a refresher course or a fresh point of view


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“Great things cannot be achieved unless goals are set high.
Companies can’t know if they are achieving those goals
if they don’t measure and track performance. The secret
to tracking is identifying the Key Performance Indicators.”

David Pollock, President
The Carleton Group, LLC

We help companies quickly DEFINE their brand, their business and their customer.

We help companies DETERMINE what differentiates them from the competition.

We help companies PLAN their business by developing executable road-maps and identifying Critical Success Factors that allow them to achieve their annual goals.

We show companies how to TRACK their business by identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that let them know that they’re on the right track and reaching their milestones.


  • Start-up companies that are preparing initial business plans
  • Companies needing to update their business plans
  • Companies wanting to keep a close eye on the state of their business so they can respond to changing markets and business conditions as quickly as possible
  • Loan applicants that are preparing supporting materials for their lender
  • Loan recipients wanting to verify that their new funding is paying dividends for their business


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“Financial Projections tell the story of the business. This is why a good Business Plan always starts with a good set of financials. It is also why financials are the first section of the Business Plan that your bank reviews.”
David Pollock, President
The Carleton Group, LLC

We PARTNER with companies to develop Financial Projections as a guide on their path to success.

Financial Projections are used as the basis for frequent State-of-the-Business Review meetings by business owners who often are so busy working IN their business that they don’t take the time to work ON their business.


  • Companies needing to create or update their 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year financial projections in support of strategic initiatives, investment decisions, and loan applications.
  • Companies wishing to establish an Annual Financial Plan as a fundamental business management tool for the coming year.


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“The life-blood of companies is their product assortment.  Sustained success is dependent upon a steady flow of new, fresh and innovative products.”
David Pollock, President
The Carleton Group, LLC

We show companies how to get the RIGHT PRODUCT at the RIGHT COST to market at the RIGHT TIME.

We help companies keep their new product pipeline filled, so that they can continue to meet the demands of their markets.

We help companies design products that create new markets.

We SHOW companies the GO-TO-MARKET disciplines necessary to aggressively compete in today’s marketplace.


  • Companies wanting to fill their product pipeline
  • Companies wanting to grow their business by extending existing technologies into adjacent market verticals
  • Companies needing temporary Product Development leadership while searching for a new permanent R&D leader
  • Companies that want to streamline their Go-To-Market Process
  • Companies that want to optimize their New Product Creation processes