Successful Investing Pays Dividends by Helping Others Succeed

What’s more fun than making money?

For a growing number of venture capitalists and private equity funding partners who participate in joint efforts such as investment clubs and “angel funding” enterprises, the prospect of accumulating capital by helping others succeed is the icing on the cake of investing.  It’s a different way of looking at success, to be sure; and it signals a “village” approach to entrepreneurship and new ideas. The process of building a business has been altered substantially by the digital age, and both investors and entrepreneurs are learning the new rules.

Essentially, for startup companies, there are limited ways to access needed capital.  Those lucky enough to attract the attention, and the funds, of an organized investment group enter the starting gate ahead of the pack.  The investors, too, have an inside track on their way to the winner’s circle.

Any investment venture entails some risk, and even though group funding ventures may be safer in terms of potential individual loss, it is imperative that each investment group be clear about objectives and perform due diligence prior to financial involvement.

The Carleton Group offers a unique prospective to business clients on the value of smart business planning, goal setting strategies, and management tools that increase sales and maximize potential earnings.

The very real differences between venture capitalists and angel investors signal different expectations and varying levels of control.  Angels typically remain more in the background and exercise limited hands-on control.  The differences are important to understand and acknowledge.

Any private investor today should consider not only the potential for earnings, but the expertise of the principals, the expected percentage return on investment and the time frame involved, and weigh the risk against the potential.  It’s also vital to consider their own needs, desires and expectations.  If you have questions, Dave Pollock of The Carleton Group is available to answer your questions.  Feel free to contact him directly at (805) 390-9374.