Branding, Shmanding… What’s The Big Deal Anyway?

There are a number of buzzwords floating around in the marketing world–brand identity, brand management, logos, brand recognition, brand experience, and on and on and on. And while we always thought that logos were the dream world of design gurus everywhere, this huge emphasis on having a distinct logo and developing a distinguishable brand has snowballed, leaving many newer or smaller businesses wondering if all this talk is just a bunch of hype and rhetoric. The short answer, of course, is no… branding is especially important, and here’s why.

All of us come pre-wired with this thing called “associations.” Don’t you remember being an elementary school student learning vocabulary and reading exciting new stories? Teachers leaned on association to help students develop…. because they, like marketing gurus, understand that this is how we recognize a new thing and relate it to something else. Branding allows your company’s products and services to be fully experienced and associated based on that experience. Brand recognition relates to the ability of an individual to see a particular logo or tagline and to become almost immediately engaged with the company and its products. You want your customers to have such an exceptional experience with your company/products that the associations allow your company to stand apart from other stores offering similar service.

The Carleton Group, a strategic planning and brand management company out of Moorpark, California, can assist companies in assuring that your message (via commercials, websites, customer service, product usage, etc.) remains steady and consistent. As a management consulting firm, The Carleton Group has a great deal of experience in brand development, helping teams around the country to develop such exceptional relationships with their clients, they immediately recognize, and buy in, again and again. Allow The Carleton Group to help your company by calling them at (805) 390-9374 or online here.