The Carleton Group Teams With California Manufacturing Technology Consultants (CMTC)

The Carleton Group Business Consultants is pleased to announce the teaming of The Carleton Group and The California Manufacturing Technology Consultants (CMTC) of Torrance, California.  CMTC is a non-profit consulting company whose mission is to provide create solutions for the improvement of customer performance.  CMTC provides solutions to achieve growth and profitability for manufacturers, the sustainment and modernization of legacy parts for the defense industry, and high operational performance for healthcare organizations.  Together, the team of consultants at The Carleton Group and CMTC will help manufacturing-centric companies achieve business objectives in the areas of Strategic Planning, Financial Planning for Growth, Marketing & Sales, and Family Legacy Planning.  Dave Pollock, President of The Carleton Group says, “Our goal is to help businesses find success through time-tested and proven management tools and techniques.  Together with CMTC, The Carleton Group will increase its reach to manufacturers who will benefit from our areas of concentration.  We are very excited by this relationship with CMTC.


About The Carleton Group.  The Carleton Group believes that every business owner can achieve the level of success that he or she desires.  The team of consultants at TCG educates, encourages, and empathizes with every business owner regardless of industry, sector or size.  Dave Pollock, President of The Carleton Group can be reached at (805) 390-9374 or  The full slate of products and services can be found at The Carleton Group website at