Tips for creating your Core Value, Vision, & Mission Statements

Every business, however small, should define its core values, vision and mission. Few businesses are created to earn profits only, although making money is necessary to continue on their missions for the long-term.

Expressing a business’s core value, vision and mission is easy and hard at the same time. Founders usually have a clear mental picture of their values, vision and mission. However, writing down these pictures can be challenging.

Mission Statements

A mission statement describes a company’s reason for being. It describes what the company does–and why it does it. Mission statements are really support mechanisms for its hoped for perception by customers, employees, vendors and the business community.


A company’s vision statement displays the way it hopes to appear to everyone in the future. Founders and senior management should always have a vision for that which is to come and express this picture in writing. Even the most microscopic sized businesses should express their vision for the future, short-and long-term.

Core Values

Core values are statements of what the company (and its founders and stakeholders) believe in. Core value statements also describe how an organization will behave to express its core values on a regular basis.

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