Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Creating an outstanding product that solves a problem is an important first step, but it is only one part of establishing a successful business. Creating a winning strategy for marketing your product is key to driving the type of revenue you’ve always dreamed of. But this is the very spot where many companies stray off-course as many forge ahead trying to sell a product (or service, for that matter) by focusing on product features.

The first step, before forging into marketing efforts is to take a huge step away from the emotional connection to the product. Who is your ideal customer…. your target client? Having a clear understanding of who your customer is, along with their lifestyle habits and burning needs is the foundation for any marketing efforts. From there, you will define your marketing concept. Loosely defined, your marketing concept is the marriage, if you will, between your corporate goals/philosophy and your client’s innermost desires… whether those desires have been clearly expressed or simply implied. In other words, this is how your company will fulfill your customer’s needs.

Next, you can begin listing the benefits your customer will get from utilizing the product. To be clear–your marketing efforts will fall flat until you step into your customer’s shoes and appeal to them from their angle… not the other way around. Harsh truth alert–nobody is interested in what you want to sell them. They are interested in what they want and need. Period.

Yet, every company out there, from large corporations to corner stores, wants to increase their earnings, expand their reach and earn raving fans. If your strategic planning efforts have not yielded the returns you hoped for, The Carleton Group (a management consulting firm based in Moorpark, California) assists clients in developing business strategies, sales training programs as well as new product offerings, among other services. Contact them today at (805) 390-9374 or visit them on the web.