Don’t Confuse Strategy With Tactics

If you equate strategy with tactics, you’re missing a vital point–but you’re not alone. This is an all-too-common view which typically hurts strategic planning efforts. Understand, business is much like college and professional football.

Coaches design game plans for upcoming opponents. This is their strategy. However, coaches also infuse the tactics they feel will best accomplish their strategy. Hence, the two are very different, although employed to achieve the same goal–winning the game.

Strategy is the “what” of the combination, while tactics are the “how.” While both are necessary, working in tandem, to achieve, they are not, in any way, interchangeable words. Strategic planning may or may not involve documenting the tactics you will employ to make your strategy work.

For example, your strategy includes introducing a new product to capture your market. That is what you want to do. The question: Should you develop a new product or find one you can offer profitably? You must decide on your tactics to reach your strategic goal.

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Even if you’ve designed a superior strategy, you benefit from expert help in selecting the best tactics to use to get the desired results. Contact The Carleton Group to get their input on how best to accomplish your goal. The firm can help you fortify strategies with cutting-edge tactics that succeed.