Find the Value-Proposition in Your Workload

Congratulations.  You are a business owner and for that privilege, you get to work an 80-hour work week!  It’s a common lament uttered by many and it’s usually the result of the hesitation/inability to hire additional help.  Few businesses enjoy the luxury of having enough hands available for every task.  So, when special projects come along, the challenge becomes how to execute without breaking the budget or imposing on team members, family and friends.  The answer: Find the value-proposition in your workload and sell it to others!

Every Fall, Vito Panaro, Owner and Winemaker of Panaro Brothers Winery in Ventura, CA, like most winemakers, immerses himself in the business of the annual harvest; crushing and processing grapes along with bottling.  It’s a considerable project but Panaro has found a solution by recognizing the value-proposition hidden in his workload.  Through the eyes of aspiring winemakers and wine lovers, becoming involved in the operation of a winery offers considerable appeal.  So, during this upcoming Fall, he has several Harvest & Bottling Parties scheduled at which he expects ten to fifteen enthusiastic ‘cellarhands’ to pay $30/person to join in the fun.  This will not only reduce his workload but will also create an additional revenue stream.

Recognizing the potential value to others is a great way to reduce your own workload, drive additional revenue, and at the same time, create special experiences for other.

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