GAP Analysis Compares Where You Are to Where You Should Be

When strategic planning, companies should perform a thoughtful GAP analysis. This exercise compares your company’s actual performance against your organization’s potential performance.

Your vision of a winning strategy may change, sometimes dramatically, when you honestly compare your operating results with your potential or desired results. Often, business owners are “too close” to daily operations, overcoming unforeseen challenges and putting out fires that appear spontaneously. They sometimes lose a sense of how to maximize their resources to improve performance.

This is where a top management consulting firm, such as The Carleton Group, LLC, based in Moorpark, California, helps businesses focus on gaps between optimal performance and actual results. Obvious or subtle gaps in performance can influence the components of successful business strategies.

GAP analysis studies help companies estimate and measure how much time, money and staff resources are apparently required to achieve specific organization objectives. This analysis can also be an acronym for your rating methodology. GAP could stand for Good, Average or Poor, using this as your measurement system.

You need strategies that work in the real world, not just on paper. The quality of your brand, image and bottom line depend on designing winning strategic plans. If your results indicate a gap in projected versus actual performance, contact The Carleton Group at their Moorpark, California headquarters.

Using classic GAP analysis and other state-of-the-art techniques, The Carleton Group can help you design business strategies that work, while tracking the progress toward your goals.