Vision, Values and Mission Equal Strategic Planning

As Roger Martin so eloquently stated in his article, “Don’t Let Strategy Become Planning” (Harvard Business Review, February 2013), while every business needs an effective strategy, they don’t need a strategic plan that is little more than another budget. Strategic planning is only as useful as the strategies contained therein.

Valuable strategic planning must contain at least three specific features. Strategies must be true to a company’s —


Vision, and


In so doing, the organization can meld these three essential components into a true strategy, not another, often superfluous, budget. Since many businesses simply lack the tools and/or experience to design good strategic plans, they can often be helped using the assistance of a vibrant management consulting firm.

The Carleton Group, LLC, in Moorpark, California, is just such a firm. The principals understand that owning a smaller business brings pride and excitement, but also potential fear, to owners. A major reason The Carleton Group is such a successful management consulting firm hinges on the reality that the key principals are also business owners.

The Group works with businesses of different sizes in a variety of diverse industries. When your business needs a real strategic plan that contains valuable strategies, contact The Carleton Group. You’ll learn how the firm’s winning combination of expertise, experience and client empathy can help your business combine your vision, values and mission into one or more strategies that fuel your success.